interconnected and opposite in nature

Eckhart Tolle tells us our purpose is to awaken.

Awaken to what?

Awaken to the realization that we are all connected. We are not separate.

We are part of a larger consciousness. We are connected to, and are a part of the Divine, Source, God, Presence, Universe, Consciousness, Love or whatever word works for you.

When we realize that, our world shifts away from “I” and the self.

All paths agree that we can only awaken when we pause and become a compassionate observer of ourselves.

In the present moment, and especially through mindfulness meditation, we become accepting of all aspects of ourselves and the perceived polarities within us. *

As human beings we all have inner critters, critics, gremlins or judges. It goes with the territory.

However, as long as we believe our inner critic

And judge ourselves harshly

We will remain asleep.

Our purpose begins not with awakening, but by being kind to all aspects of ourselves…. including our inner critic.



*The polarities within us  are for example: clever and stupid; loving and hateful;  strong and weak ; generous and mean; open and closed; humble and proud etc. Aspects of ourselves that we might see as light and shadow.

14 comments on “* A Mindful Moment on Life Purpose

  1. Thanks for sharing your insight Val. You are so much right 😀


  2. That’s what I’m working on right now – acceptance. 🙂 Beautiful post!


    • Thank you Kate for sharing here. Sometimes I feel that acceptance is our life’s work and it isn’t a well paid or easy job!


  3. Claire Palmer

    Great post – clear, succinct & impactful – thanks


  4. This is a beautiful post Val — in particular, the awakening through kindness aspect you speak of. The acceptance and the connectedness of our consciousness. Love it. Thanks!


  5. Beautiful Val. Yes we have to embrace all of who we are, don’t we?
    Diana xo


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