*Life is … Letting Go

letting go

Letting go is living life fully.

We let go of every exhalation in order to breathe in life.

We let go in order to sleep.

We let go of being held as a baby in order to walk.

We let go of our children so they can grow fully.

We let go of old hurts in order to heal.

We let go of our armor so we can give and receive love.

We let go of attachments in order to be free.

We let go of the past in order to step into the future.

We let go in order to change.

Sometimes we are afraid to let go because we are afraid of the unknown and the emptiness we might feel … But we do know in our hearts that when we resist letting go we resist living our lives fully.

What are you holding on to that you are ready to let go of?

25 responses to “*Life is … Letting Go

    • Waves, flow, highs and lows … are what life is about. Thank you Nancy for bringing this continuous movement into the idea of letting go. You are so right. It is part of the flow 🙂


  1. Letting go was a difficult lesson for me to learn…I spent so much time trying to be in control and “look perfect” to the world by doing all the right things. While I have let go of MANY MANY things in my life…….I’m still meditating on the wisdom of letting go of my career. My heart tells me I’m finished with it, but my measurement stick says, “Hmmmm…aren’t you a little young for that?”


    • ISWH – Thank you for sharing your experience and perspective. Our “measurement sticks” keeps us safe… and often stuck. Perhaps its time to change what your measurement stick measures. Val x


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    • Diana, What an amazing surprise this morning. I got the post from Louise and still didn’t figure out what was going on ….. It made me blush. And that’s something I rarely do at my age!!
      Thank you so much. You are generous spirit, loving soul and shining light in cyberspace. Hugs Val x


    • Julie, Welcome! I’m glad you found this post helpful. We can all benefit from the reminder to let go. A wonderful thing about transitions is that we also get to create new space for us to grow into. Good luck with tomorrow and beyond. Val x


  3. Coming to you via Talk To Diana! Love this topic. I have been musing on our human tendency to hold on to a familiar but unpleasant current state rather than let go and reach out to a promising but uncertain future. I see (and experience) this phenomenon often.


  4. Great post Val. The hard part is learning to let go, but once we do that, the freedom we feel changes our lives!


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