I love this perspective from philosopher, author and blogger James Need. There are 3 key elements for us to connect with that will bring inner peace. Take a few quiet moments to really absorb these words into your being.

Understand – Accept – Forgivewinter road

Understand that everything that happens to you is to help you learn and grow, even if you don’t agree with it. Understand that, even though people may do things you don’t agree with, it is part of their learning experience.

Accept that this needed to happen exactly the way it happened in order to cause you to get to this new place of understanding. If things you don’t like hadn’t have happened, you wouldn’t be who you are today. So relax and accept that this moment is exactly as it needs to be.

Forgiveness is true wisdom. To forgive is to understand why all things happen the way they do, to be able to see with clarity and understanding the learning opportunity in every moment. Forgiving yourself, others, and the world, understanding that all things happen exactly as they’re supposed too.

Remember it is only your resistance to the present moment that causes you to feel any pain. So be easy on yourself and others, move into acceptance and enjoy this magical experience…

Thank you James!

4 comments on “The Secret to Inner Peace ….

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Yes, it’s comforting when you finally realize that everything that’s happening is necessary……………and we know this because it’s happening. I’ve been learning also how to look at what happens as a reflection of something in the past that I need to deal with. Amazing things happen when I can maintain this awareness.


    • Yep – Its a lighter brighter world when we can become a compassionate witness and can look at things from this perspective. Thanks for sharing. Val x


  2. Juuust wrote about this! Lovely post.


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