* Can you Recognize When Life Gets Out of Balance?

When you have found your middle ground, life is in balance. There is no fear, no anxiety or depression. You are in the present moment and content.

Knowing that this place is available to us is reassuring … but our minds have “minds of their own” and still prefer to go into their own tailspin of thoughts about the past or worry about the future.Worried man

How do we recognize when our emotions start to sabotage us or our overactive thinking takes over from reality?

By regularly checking in with ourselves.

We may do it formally in yoga or in meditation, but a really helpful informal daily practice is to to do mindful check-ins with yourself.

These are referred to, using the STOP acronym.

S = Stop for a moment

T = Take  a breath

O = Observe…

… What am I aware of right now? … Can I be with it – without judgment? This practice is STOP not STJP!

P = Proceed…

… By letting any emotions or sensations go wherever they need to go and letting them be.

A STOP mindful check-in brings mind and body into balance by bringing us into the present moment.

As a daily practice it helps us understand that whatever arises, it does indeed pass. We don’t need to react to it. We don’t need to overcome it or run away from it. By recognizing it, it will lose its power. No matter how difficult or intense the experience can be, we are able to experience it with more balance and peace.

TIP: Use smart phone and computer technology to set up your own STOP reminders during the day. You can get creative too by consciously linking small tasks with your personal STOP moments. For example, waiting at traffic lights, brushing your teeth, putting on lipstick, filling up a glass or a cup, washing your hands ….

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